Ethan Large

Tell us about yourself..

My names Ethan, I'm 17 and I'm from Bristol! Although my local is Emersons Green I mostly ride Bradley Stoke skatepark. When I'm not out riding or filming clips you'll catch me supporting my local Football team, Bristol City!

How did you get into riding scooters?

I personally got into riding scooters by going down to my local and just seeing other people ride. Watching Youtube videos from time to time of some top riders was also a big inspiration for me! The people I was looking up when I first picked up a scooter became friendly, started to push me to get better and it's really just spiralled from there..

Favourite tricks?

My favourite tricks are definitely late bar combos or triple heels! Both are super fun and good feeling tricks. Skatepark wise Concrete Waves in Newquay, Cornwall, has got to be my favourite of all time.

What's my rider code?

Use my code " LARG10 " at the checkout to get 10% off anything on the site that isn't already discounted!