Fin Mortimer

Tell us about yourself..

Hi I'm Fin, I'm from Trowbridge in Wiltshire, and I'm 19! Trowbridge is my local skatepark but you can always find me catching a session at "warmi" and any of the parks around Wiltshire.

How did you get into riding scooters?

I first got into scootering by watching a Razor video of Joe McDonald, and I even got to meet him at a scooter and skateboard shop in my town. My first complete scooter wasn't anything special, just a foldable I found in my nans garage..

Favourite tricks?

My favourite trick is for sure a full heel or a cashroll. Romsey skatepark in Southampton is one of my favourite spots to ride, that and of course Adrenaline Alley, Corby. 

What's my rider code?

Code " FIN10 " is my rider code. You can use that to grab 10% off anything on the Scooter Works site that isn't already discounted!