Jay Gratton

Tell us about yourself..

Yo! My name is Jay Gratton and I'm a 20 year old scooter rider coming out of Doncaster, here in the UK! I enjoy exploring all the possibilities in the sport, constantly working hard to expand my trick book and always making some good friends along the way.

How did you get into riding scooters?

My dad started skating back in 1976 and he went on to win the UK Champs in 1979 so as soon as I could walk he was putting wheels under me! I din't have the balance for skateboarding to begin with and gripping some handlebars just felt more natural so I started off with a basic complete scooter with some foam grips and plastic wheels. I moved onto a razor scooter, started to watch the OG Kota videos, and quickly fell in love with the sport. 

My dad helped get my local skatepark built (Area 51 in Sprotbrough) in 2005. I started to upgrade my setup and leave behind the smaller park scooters, moving onto parts which fitted my way of riding, while watching some of the older riders (like Curtis Morris) who always pushed me to do more.

Favourite tricks?

I think the possibilities with scootering are endless and that's what drives me. I've been through many phases of having different favourite tricks and I've always loved the basic 360 whip, but currently I'm loving the ledge to ledge and rail combinations. Combining two parts of the skatepark together really opens the door to so many more tricks, plus that feeling of transferring across and landing a complex combo is just unreal!

What's my rider code?

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