Joe Bell

Tell us about yourself..

Hi! My names Joe, I'm 16 and I'm from Manchester. I'm pretty much always out and about riding, you can catch me at either my local outdoor park "Alexandra" or the famous indoor "Greystone Action Sports", but when I'm not I'll usually be in the gym!

How did you get into riding scooters?

Back in 2017 I moved to Manchester. While out shopping I came across a shop selling scooters and we ended up walking out with a Zinc Detour. The very next day I began watching YouTube videos and I was instantly hooked.. 

Favourite tricks?

In my 5 years of riding so far I've learnt so many tricks but I've always loved doing fullwhips.. You just don't see many riders doing them! Besides the amazing feeling of throwing and catching them I've also always loved combinations which involved a fullwhip!

What's my rider code?

Use my code " BELL10 " on anything sitewide, not already discounted, for 10% off!