After years of being the park riders go to deck, the Ethic Pandemonium finally received it's V2 version in December 2023 and we've got our hands on them. It's predecessor paved the way for weight saving design, allowing riders to preform bigger tricks as easily as possible, so it's no surprise that the V2 is set to be the the most popular deck in freestyle scootering to date.

Ethics mission has always been to create the lightest parts on the market while maintaining their renowned build quality. Everything from the drilled out bolts used on the Sylphe Clamps to their innovative Pandora deck spacer design has been engineered with a perfect balance between strength and weight.

So what actually makes the Pandemonium V2 that much better? Well, the V2 is the worlds first scooter deck to weigh in at under 1KG (for the 460mm and 500mm length options) and you'll notice this as soon as you pull it out the box.

This time around Ethic have used 6082 Aluminium for the decks construction which gives it some extra resistance to bending overtime. This is especially handy for park and flyout riders who often put their scooters under a lot of stress.

An all new Torx Axle designed specifically for the Pandemonium now comes as standard. These are a little stronger than their previous allen head axle design, plus you'll only need one torx wrench to tighten the rear axle, thanks to their uniquely designed threaded spacers. Don't worry though.. A torx wrench is included so you're able to install your wheels without having to purchase any extra tools.

Better yet these V2 decks come with both a brake and fender in the box - no need to purchase a fender separately!

As park riding progresses and trends change the need for more foot space and even lighter setups has increased. Ethic introduced 3 new sizes to the second version of the Pandemonium to keep up with these trends and they're now available in 18.1" (460mm), 19.7" (500mm) and 21.3" (540mm) lengths. The 19.7" is now the "go to" length for park riders

The V2 features a 6082 Aluminium construction which is slightly stronger than the original Pandemonium deck, in fact Ethic say it has 29% more resistance to bending, and has a significantly stronger headtube then ever before. Ethic’s brand new V2 Fender also now comes pre-installed on the deck and can be ran in either a 110mm or 120mm switch position, forming perfectly to your wheel choice.

Ethic have introduced the use of new Torx axles too which aren’t just stronger but also more practical, so only one wrench is needed to tighten the wheel in the deck. Be sure to tighten the wheel to it’s correct torque of 25nm max, for maximum longevity (a torx wrench is included in the box, don’t worry if you don’t already have one!).

And to top it off included in the box is a pre-cut Ethic Gripsaver V2 grip tape and additional classic Ethic brake.

Here is the Pandemonium V2. 

The lightest deck in the world, and the very first deck to stay under the Kilo. 

Created and studied from every angle to achieve the ultimate in lightness, it arrives here 9 years after the iconic Pandemonium V1, in a new format. 

1 cm wider than the V1 (130 mm / 5.12 in), it is also, and above all, stronger than its predecessor. 

Hundreds of hours of simulations were carried out to obtain the most effective geometry possible, giving it 29% more resistance to the banana effect, as well as 40% more resistance on the neck. 

now made from 6082 aluminium (slightly stronger than the usual 6061). 

Now compatible with 120mm diameter wheels, it comes with a brand new fender for added lightness. 

This deck also sees the arrival of the new torx male axles, which are stronger and more practical (only one spanner is needed to tighten the deck). 

3 lengths are available: 460 mm (18.1 in) / 500 mm (19.7 in) / 540 mm (21.3 in)

3 colours: Black / Raw / Chrome Blue

The box includes a ready-to-install pre-cut grips, an additional classic brake and a Torx 40 wrench. 

There's just one thing you need to remember to ensure the longevity of your deck: tighten the rear axle to the correct torque, and don't overtighten it (25Nm Max), otherwise you're going to affect its longevity.