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Check out our selection of park, street and hybrid Stunt Scooter Decks each designed to suit different styles of riding.

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We have the industries best selection of pro stunt scooter decks here at Scooter Works. Whether you need a light park deck for all those overhead tricks and barspins, or a street deck suitable for grinds and heavy landings, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to pick a size which is suited for your riding. Narrow, short and lightweight scooter decks will be best suited to park riding where quickly spinning or rotate the deck is important. A street deck, usually 6″ or 7″ wide, will offer a you an excellent grinding surface and a little more foot space. The best pro scooter deck comes down to the riders preference, but we stock only the best brands such as Apex Pro Scooters,

If you have any compatibility concerns or questions then get in touch! We can advise what will be best suited for you and your style of riding.